The fantastic terrace overlooking the sea is available for guests who can organize themselves to prepare a romantic barbecue with family or with friends individually.

As an alternative, the partners of "Marina di Corniglia" will be at your disposal to provide you and prepare everything necessary for a perfect barbecue or BBQ, as it pleases to write the Americans:

You can choose between the barbecue of fresh fish and shellfish, sea bream, wolves, anchovies, squid, octopus, cuttlefish from the Ligurian Sea, grilled meat, such as chicken, veal, sausages, skewers accompanying them with vegetables from our vegetable garden.

You will be able to complete the dinner with local wine and we suggest a wine of Cinque Terre DOC, of course, or with artisan beer. Our partners will provide you with meat, fish and crustaceans at a competitive price if you buy in the local shops of Cinque Terre; We only have to communicate to our staff for how many people you want to organize the barbecue or choose a budget and ... good appetite!

The cost will depend on the client's requests; it will be possible to set a budget.