The best way to experience a place is to discover the natural tastes of the area.

The Ligurian cuisine is characterized by local ingredients and ingredients from the areas with which the Ligurians have had frequent contact over the centuries: just think of the Sardinian pecorino, one of the fundamental ingredients of the "pesto". Ligurian cuisine is synonymous with Mediterranean cuisine, a cuisine born poor, born by the inhabitants of the countryside, mountaineers and sailors, so simple and economical, but that it has evolved and innovated while still becoming tainted with tastes.

With our partners, once the shopping is done, we will start preparing some of the most characteristic and tasty dishes of Ligurian cuisine or Italian cuisine.

Some samples...

Ligurian appetizers:

  • potato croquettes
  • octopus and potatoes
  • anchovies stuffed
  • lemon anchovies
  • vegetable frying
  • cuculli
  • tigelle
  • panigacci
  • panisses
  • sgabei

Primi piatti:

  • Pesto soup
  • pistou troffie
  • super pistou troffie lasagnette
  • pansotti with walnuts
  • ravioli with meat
  • ravioli with lean meat
  • testaroli au pistou

Secondi piatti:

  • Fish frying
  • ligurian rabbit
  • ligurian sea bream
  • stuffed figs
  • stuffed vegetables (zucchini, eggplant, onions)

Salted pies:

  • Salted toast with onions, chard and prescinseua pie
  • rice pie
  • pumpkin pie
  • borragine and ricotta pie
  • pasqualina pie
  • potato roll and green beans


  • Castagnaccio
  • baci di dama
  • canestrelli
  • peach pie
  • atria
  • grandmother's cake

The cost will depend on the number of dishes and may vary in relation to the ingredients and the time required for preparation.